Saturday, October 30, 2010

Galaxy Quest

Have you ever seen that old movie with Tim Allen. Well among my family we love to quote a certain part of that movie. They say " Never Give Up, Never Surrender". I was trying to relate that to this life. How we all face trials and challenges in our lives and sometimes we feel like we should just give up. It seems that there is no end. The key word, as hard as it may seem, is patience. There is always something to learn in the trials that we face. There have been times I really felt like giving up I mean what is the point I will never get it done. Then I remember why not, why can't I? We all have power to accomplish anything in our paths because we are literally children of God and you can't beat that you know! So remember as you go throughout your day you can do it. "Never Give Up, Never Surrender"!!!

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